A photographic exploration of a global brand

Never in a million years did I ever think that when I took my first photo of a coke machine in my mid-20’s it would continue as a lifelong photographic pursuit, let alone lead me to create an artwork that would be juried into ArtFields upcoming later this month. For those who know me well, they know my fascination with the Coke® brand juxtaposed in the backdrop of daily life.

The 33 images in Ubiquity span a decade and were taken in South Carolina; Georgia; North Carolina; Virginia; Florida; Paris, France; Athens, Greece and Crete, Greece.

The evidence of the longevity of this recurring theme is the jacket at right, given as a present from a co-worker at an ad agency I worked at in Norfolk, Virginia in my 20’s, complete with my initials.

The Back Story

Love a backstory? I do. I am spotlighting some of the images in Ubiquity and telling their story of how they caught my attention.

I will also illuminate the transfer process and the journey from concept to the ​completed art piece. I hope you will come back to this page during the month of April to see the unfolding story. Click/tap the Image to get the full story.

 If you happen to be at ArtFields Friday, May 3rd at 1 pm, I will be one of several artists sharing their work at the “Lunchtime, Crunchtime” event in the Bean Market, located next to the Jones-Carter Gallery on the main village green. Visit the ArtFields website for more details on that event.

You’ve never been to ArtFields?

ArtFields is an annual 10-day festival that takes place in Lake City, SC, turning the majority of the town into a huge art gallery, culminating in an awards ceremony that hands out over $140,000 in prize money! Every artist​ is given a number and visitors can register to vote for their favorite art pieces​ by these numbers. Go to the visitors center, register to vote and then visit shops, restaurants and dedicated gallery spaces to see art from artists from the southeastern US.

You can visit their website here

Coke® and Coca-Cola® are registered trademarks of the Coca-Cola Company.
The copyrighted images on this website comprise my personal artistic fascination with this Southern, turned American, turned Global brand in our visual landscape.