I stare at the box of watercolor paper I just purchased and feel my resistance to dive in. I honestly don’t know what I’m waiting for. Van Gogh said, “One becomes a painter by painting.” So the minute one is in the act of creating, one is an artist. There is no becoming, you just are.

“What you need is to free yourself from your own
preconceived ideas about yourself. It will take a revolution to do it,
and many times you will think yourself on the road only to find
that the old habit has possessed you again with a new preconception.
But if you can at least to a degree free yourself,
take your head off your heart and give the latter a chance,
something may come of it.
The results will not be what you expect,
but they will be like you and will be the best
that can come from you.
There will be a lot more pleasure in the doing.”

Okay, time to dive in.