Junk Yard Coke © Kathryn Van Aernum

I was on my way back from Ridgeway, SC to Columbia when I saw this junkyard filled with rust. I stopped to see if there was anything specifically worth photographing. You can imagine my delight at the Coke® machine in the background here. The light was hitting it perfectly to pop it out of the shadows. There was a chainlink fence around the yard and the place was closed, so I had to get my hands and camera through holes in the fence to shoot without it getting in the picture. Glad there wasn’t a mean dog.

There was a period in the late ’80s to early ’90s when they changed to this modernized logo on the front of the machine to this one. I think it was also when they made that mistake with Coke and Coke Classic. It was a period I didn’t like and it was then that instead of photographing drink machines I went in search of ghost signs with the original script. With the passage of time, under the right circumstances like this one, I will now shoot this inferior version. As they phased out that debacle with the formula, the original script returned to its rightful place.