La Pétaudiére ©Kathryn Van Aernum

Today’s posting date is April 15, 2019: The day Notre Dame in Paris burned. I was going to post a different image for today, but since my thoughts were focused on memories of Paris and of my love for that city, this one seems the better choice.

This was taken on a walking tour in Montmartre on the way to visit another breathtaking cathedral: Sacre Couer. As far as CocaCola© images from Paris are concerned, I have others, but I included this one in Ubiquity because of the awning, the sweet smile on this Parisian’s face, the Nutella jar, and the visual chaos of the menu selections in that tiny corner eatery. I hadn’t seen anything like that anywhere else in Paris So, What does Pétaudière mean? I never looked it up until just before writing this post. Bedlam, scene of tumult and disorder, chaos. Yes. I’d say it is a very fitting image for today.