Little Mountain, SC
August 7, 2010

My former partner and I were on our way to NC for the weekend and we stopped in Little Mountain to check it out, never having visited it before. We both loved a backroad journey vs the freeway. I still do.

I clearly remember how this photograph unfolded. At first, I saw the Coca-Cola® sign sticking out from the side of the building and began stalking it. It’s so rare to find “the real thing” in terms of signage that predates 1958, when the slogan was changed from “drink” to “enjoy,” be it the button sign, a sign like this one, or painted on the sides of buildings or barns; the latter being called, “ghost signs.” I took some shots from the side.

I wandered to the front of the building and saw the wonderful name, “Estelle’s” and I knew I wanted to get that in the photograph. THEN, seemingly out of nowhere this tractor parade started ambling down the street to my right. At that point I was standing in the road not only did I need to get out of the way, I saw the image form in my mind’s eye. I ran across the street and waited. This was the guy leading the parade. It was the only shot I needed. It was a great birthday present.

Several of the images in UBIQUITY happened like that. I saw the initial Coke image and then life played along and brought something more to the moment that I could not have foreseen. I just had to be there following my muse. Click/tap the picture to see a larger version