Coke Cap Crete ©Kathryn Van Aernum

May 2018

I was sitting in a crowded restaurant in Matala, Crete on the edge of the Libyan Sea. This group of tourists from a country I did not recognize, due to the language they were speaking, enter to see if they can get seated. I almost inhaled my food as I frantically tried to locate my camera under the table to get a picture of the man in this cap. I think they were in the restaurant for maybe a minute – they looked to see if there were any vacant seats and discovering that there weren’t any turned around and walked out. Sometimes I believe that the universe enjoys this photographic obsession of mine as much as I do. It really felt like this man was “a plant” in a cosmic treasure hunt as if the sole reason for coming into the restaurant was for me to get this picture, to see if I was paying attention. I am almost tempted to put a thought bubble above his head saying, “I wonder if she got this?”