Saturday Morning on Southard – Key West

Being in Key West last week was amazing sensual delight in too many ways to account for in this blog post. I truly forgot how beautiful it is. To be immersed in endless sky and water was a reminder in how spacious we really are inside.

In contrast, “The Island City”, is anything but spacious. Tightly packed streets and lanes are the foundation for some of the most delightful architecture on the east coast. The sub-tropical sun creates dynamic contrasts and sublime shadows that are an artist’s and photographer’s dream.

When I lived there, I used to paint watercolors “en plein air” with a woman who I consider to be my first real art teacher: Sanford Birdsey. We would go out on Saturday mornings and paint the street scenes and architecture of Key West. She would stress composition and value over color. She said that once you have the first two, it doesn’t necessarily matter what color you paint with. I agree. In a place that bursts with color, the intensity of values translate beautifully in black and white. So it is with this photo that I  begin my series of posts called, “Black and White Friday”

This one is for you Sanford. Memory Eternal.