Wow, oh wow. I’m still flying high from the opening of my exhibit, “Common Ground” at Anastasia and Friends Art Gallery last night on First Thursday in Columbia. Despite the weather, the turn out was great, the energy was high and positive, and so many friends contributed food or talents to make this Birthday Party/Opening a fun night for everyone. Before I get to the meat and potatoes of this post, I want to take time to thank and notice the love and support of these specific people:

Bohumila Augustinova
Cindy Boiter and Jasper Magazine
Terri L Mac McLaughlin
Diane Hare
Ace Evens
David Campbell
Melissa Ligon
Anne Marie Cockrell
Sheila Clause
Kay McInnis
Martha Heckman
Ashley Hayes
Cassie Premo Steele
Randy Spencer

This wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun if you hadn’t contributed in the way that you did. I knew you had my back. Truly grateful.

So, last night a question was asked during my artist talk about how I decided to include the images and the amount of images that I did. What process did I use to curate what was seen? I was thinking about that today and I wanted to elaborate on my answer a bit by including an image here that I didn’t include in what is up at the gallery.

  1. Space considerations. I wanted to have a sense of spaciousness in the overall experience. If the selected images were larger, than I would have either had to have less, or stack them and I really just wanted a uniform spacious line that allowed everyone to take in what was offered. Bohumila did a fantastic job, as always of hanging it as I envisioned it. If they had been smaller, I would have had to have a lot more to do justice to the space, reducing the impact of each one.
  2. Variety. It was important to me that the viewer could sense the many opportunities to discover just how varied the ground could present itself and yet still have a quality of belonging together.
  3. Aesthetic choices. So this brings me to this image – even though I love it, and even though I think it is very strong – why it didn’t make the cut. It is black and white. There are two images that are mostly black and white, but they had elements of color that were there in the photograph I took. The only way this one could have had color is if I had imposed it. It is such a dynamic black and white image, that I feel it would have done an injustice to it and would have been out of step with the spirit of the show.
Fishnets©Kathryn Van Aernum

Fishnets©Kathryn Van Aernum

This was shot in the parking garage adjacent to the IT-oLogy building on Marion Street, Columbia SC. The afternoon sun cast these amazing shadows on one of the parking ramps. I thought it looked like fishnet stockings. So while it didn’t make the cut to hang on the walls, it is now part of the virtual cut.

What are your thoughts? Do you think it should have made the cut? Leave a comment below.


Common Ground is on view at Anastasia and Friends Gallery through the last week of August. The gallery is open 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday. If you are interested in purchasing art from this exhibit, please contact me


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