There is so much to say about my experience last weekend shooting in the low country. Yes, I loved it, but I really had to get out of my own way to align with what was my actual experience vs the dream I had held about it. In your fantasy, there are never things like signs, wires, guard dogs and people wandering through your idealized photograph. Not that I have anything against people or dogs, or even signs. However, when you have this idealized nature experience those elements feel like a let down, initially, rather than an opportunity or a lovely encounter, which it can also be. There were massive amounts of mosquitoes. Those weren’t in my fantasy. And I had forgotten bug spray.  The other challenge was the choice equipment. It was great, but it was also more foreign than I expected. It was really heavy and ultra sensitive to light, so controlling exposure wasn’t so easy at first. I am used to shooting almost everything manually, and I had to resort to a lot of automated features until the camera, lenses and I got better acquainted. The only way to get better acquainted is to shoot and make a lot of bad pictures before things start to gel. I relaxed into the learning experience and the reality that it was.

I did fall in love with the Nikon 14-24 2.8 zoom lens! What a beauty! I also fell in love with Folly Beach. I don’t have many bumper stickers on my car, but FB has earned a place on it.

I hope you enjoy this photo taken moments after sunrise on Folly Beach. I love clouds, but what makes the photo work for me are the people.

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