Are You Thirsty?©Kathryn Van Aernum

Hands down, this has to be the most bizarre juxtaposition I have found. Actually, Steve, a member of my Greek Odyssey tour group found it first and he led me back to it in Heraklion, Crete. I had been telling him about my fascination with photographing Coca-Cola branding (Crete had a ton of it) and his mind was primed to see it! I mean, what the ???

First, this is in an alley, not even off a main street. It wasn’t like a lot of people would be walking by this. Second, what is that crazy painting with the trompe l’oeil frame? Also, what you can’t see is the amount of graffiti to the left of the machine. Then, in order to fit it into the old arched opening – they just took a chunk out of it and it looks like it was shoved in. And finally, the graphics on the machine are taken from Minoan frescoes dating back to the 3rd Century B.C.! You’ve got the bull rider and just above the bottle cap, you can spot Icarus. Notice the figure in the upper right. You would never see that in the U.S.! The title of the piece comes from the translation of the Greek letters just above where you put your money in. ΔΙΨΑΣ